The Pursuit Of Dreams

One thing that I feel after the separation was that I tried to put my dreams aside.

There are lots of thing that I have to turned down a notch (or sometimes few notches), due to the complication it will cause if I had done so.

I dreamed of going back to school, to get master's degree, but then I had to provide for Dafa, and it'd be rather difficult for single-mom like me, to work and go to college at the same time

I dreamed of having Dafa live with me, but my job is at the other part of the region, 110kms away.. So I have to strengthen my body and mind, *and budget also* so I can go back and forth every week.

I dreamed of having the securities over my life, the never-worries, the feeling secured and save, the contentment..

I dreamed of being able to spread my wings and fly, and to feel the wind on my face, to go as far as I could..
As high as I can reach..
And build my castle on the sky..

For Dafa, and for myself.


Please God. Let all my dreams come true.


Thank you for being there, to come and change my whole life

To allow me to do something I've never allowed myself to do before :
To dream, and truly believe with all my mind and heart, that my dreams will easily come true.


Minggu, Februari 26, 2012 at 11.36

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dream, believe and make it happen ;) [agnes monica said]