A letter to myself

Dear myself....

I know that you've been through a lot lately...
those rough times, bruising and damaging...
even though hard to admit it, it felt like making a Horcrux out of your soul...
Soul-splitting.. yeah... but like Voldemort.. it made him indestructible..
.. hopefully it made you too... hopefully it made you stronger.. in many ways..

Maybe it's hard for you, but I am expecting you to forgive...
"..forgiving whooo???" .. may be you'll ask me that, with that frown on your face... (ahhh, do please don't frown like that, you should worry about the wrinkle it'll give in 5 years time..)

Myself.. it's really time for you to forgive..
forgive things that you couldn't do..
forgive the way things went wrong..
forgive how you can change things... but mostly..
you have to learn to forgive yourself..
that way you will easily forgive other things.. including forgiving him.

..it's hard.. i know. but I know you can.

Myself, do please praise yourself for things that you have successfully done last year..
and don't forget people who helped you gaining it, and thank them...
that way you will how to
appreciate yourself, and appreciate others too.

always remember, that
happiness does not rely on how much do you have, but it relies upon how much you give..

maybe you have to learn to
earn something...
not to stand aside and just hoping that you have that something.
so get on your feet and REACH!!
..but always finish what you have started..

Myself...learn to trust others... and do please learn to trust yourself too..
I now that they will not always be reliable..
so this way you will learn how to trust but in a cautious way.

... do all this..
and maybe you will be a better person :)

Bandung, Jan 2nd 2010


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