Netbook-case Hunting

I was looking for some contact lenses in a downtown, when I bumped into a small kiosk that sold handmade bags and handicrafts. I fell in love instantly with a 10-inch netbook softcase, but held back the urge to buy it when I found out the price. Deep in my heart, I said: “I think I can found something cheaper somewhere else”. I left the stall without buying anything, but kept a business card instead.

Weeks went by, and the need of having to buy the softcase was increasing. The net book already got it’s envelope-model softcase (it looked like an envelope, with a giant Velcro on top of it :D).. but I still need the zipper model, a case that covers, but you can easily opened if you need it (I like practical things ;) ). So then I decided to take a walk to the nearest mall here (Bandung Supermall) and tried to find the dreamt softcase.. :P

Mum and Dafa wanted to come, so I took them with me.. I searched store by store, and couldn’t find that softcase that suits me…

It was mum who got lucky, she accidentally found a nice and not-too-expensive and fits and … “just perfect”

As for me, I didn’t found what I want…. Same thing happened when I tried another mall a week after, I literally walked around every corners and bends.. but still.. couldn’t found what I want..

Why? Because 10” softcase are still very rare, and that made the models and choices were very limited. It’s very different if you need 12” or 14” softcases.. you can go to just a store and easily found something u’d like.

Then, when I finally found that hard-to-find 10”, I couldn’t stand the pattern. Whether it’s too girly (pinkish.. :-&) or too kinky (leopard or tiger prints). I couldn’t pick both of them because dafa will be using the netbook as well, a boy wearing pink? Yeah. rite.

When I found the ‘plain colored’ 10”, I hate the material. It was not waterproof..and too plain :D.

And when I found the right and sturdy + waterproof material… I goggled at the price.. so expensive, and it’s also too plain :D

When I got home with blistered feet and extreme fatigue… I then realized… that the whole “finding netbook case-adventure” was somewhat like my own ‘finding husband-to-be’ adventure…

For once, it was really hard… because the kind of man I want is not ‘just available’ in stock.. just like the way the 10” did. What kind of man I want? Well, The mature and ‘accepts-me and my plus one’ kind of man J. Not every man can live with my conditions. Younger men tends to be ignorant to my son, and older more mature men have the tendency of being distant to him. I can’t blame those men, Can i? Then.. I’d much prefer calmness than exuberance (like the leopard print :P).. but not too plain and serene too… that would kill me to be enthusiastic over something, but he just remain undisturbed (rolleyes).

I also need him to be tough, and "waterproof" ... --> proven strong against family dispute :P But somewhat.. sensitive ;)

ahahhahah, maybe I have found the right man.. but He... already has a BOYfriend.... (rofl)

Oh yeah.. and as for my netbook case? I came back to the first handicraft store with Dafa.. and I let him chose what he wanted :) he chose something that fits him and me.. I like the material, the model, the pics.. (well, I don't really like zombie faces, but I can live with that :P .. better than strawberry prints, though. lol) and the colors too. And what I liked the most was... Its "One-of-a-kind" ;) We finally had the softcase we both love... Yaaay!!

...That kinda made me think... instead of looking my "perfect version" of a husband-to-be all by myself, I should let Dafa decides.. ;)

So.. to all the men out there.. Win Dafa's heart first,, then you'll get HIS plus one...

Yap. Me


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