feeling down

I just met my girlfriend few days ago, she happens to be a singlemom like me, she has a 7 years old daughter. I had good time seeing that friend of mine, it felt really good to had someone to talk to, someone that had felt the same way I did..
We both had stood in the same shoe, and had been through same stuffs.

But her daughter is luckier .. Her father had always supported her, and had always been there when she needs Him.

I was allrite hearing that at that moment,
but after few days past..........
I looked at Dafa and remembered his irresponsible father
I felt.. sad.

and just yesterday.. i saw another friend, that also a singlemom...
she just finished her master's degree and on her way to her PhD..

I felt even sadder.

much much more sad than before.

i looked at myself..
What am I now?
.. just nothing..

God, I'm thankful for all your blessings and gifts that you have given me..
but sometimes I feel that this is too hard for me to bear.

If this is only envy and jealousy, please take those feelings away..
please replace them with happiness and contentment..

please guide my steps Oh God..
I'm blind without your guidance..

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