Things that make me happy

I just bumped into an article, a really good one I suppose. It told us how 8 simple things can make women feel happier. housewife in particular..

But why did I feel like crying when I read it?

Because maybe.... I did found few things that made me happy. Ah no, not a few, there's only one thing in that list that I can do, and makes me happy... seeing Dafa's smile.

The other 7 would be a privilege for me :) maybe that's why i felt like crying. Because I simply can't afford even the simplest things..not even a *me-time*

But then again, i began to ask myself another simple question: "What are the things in life that can make me feel happier?"

-following other people's expectation on me?
-or do whatever I want, without thinking about other people thoughts?

the problem is... I have taken wrong decisions since i was 14, doing what I want, and regretted the consequences years later.

And now.. i got confused.

i'm scared to do *what I want*.. afraid that what I'd chose would result regretful things..
but following other people expectation? well.. people will never be satisfied on me, there will always be flaws in me that lead to criticism.. remember the tale of the Father, the Son and the donkey? :)

ah.. I'm so pathetic.
i don't even know what makes me happy..

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