the lenses, the eyes and the smile

The sun shone right through the trees...
The cloud engulfed the rays sometimes,..
And the wind that breezed lazily...
Mutually crafting the right atmosphere...

Dark hollow stood still
Drifting cold and moist gust,
The ancient rough stone walls...
Kept silent, but held so many stories...

Footsteps and laughter echoed along the tunnel
Small fingers that hung on muscular arm,
Glances and smiles exchanged...
Expressing unspeakable expression...

All the beautiful moments
When hands were clasped
When fingers were sewn together
When hugs were given and accepted
And stories were shared

Feelings were felt, but untold
Laughter was present
Sadness was a gift
Compassion arose
Sympathy had evolved
Right under the darkness of the hollow

Figure that leaned upon humid and rough wall
Eye that looked through small lenses,
Froze times...
Captured moments...
Captivated the smile...

Did the eye able to see,
the sorrow that hid behind the smile?
Did the lenses ever captured
The hesitation that crawled behind the eyes that smiled?

The smile hid the sorrow,
because somehow
It knew that these moments had to end
And the smile will have gone too
And though the smile ever present again,
It will never be the same,
It will never be as cheerful
It will never be as sincere...

Apparently those moments
Had engraved deep...
Within the smile…

The eyes that were captured by the lens, hesitated,
Because they had no mouth to tell
That they want that moment to last forever,
That they always want to look at him, and him only
But all the eyes could do,
Was to spill out tears...

Over someone…
That was the best that ever happen to them
And someday
Would go away...

-this song remind me of him-

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