New Year New Hope

:D I know that today is in the middle of January, and the New Year celebrations has long gone, but I proudly say that I still kinda possess the New year's spirit

Why? because so many good things had happened at the end of 2010, and also at the early 2011.
First, I got soooo many good news from my students, they had succeeded at their final term exams, and most of them even scored as one of the Big Ten (in points, not in terms of weight :P) in their class.. oh I was so proud

But the happiest thing was, My Dafa was scored 3rd in his class!! yaaaaaay!! I was sooo proud and happy. I didn't quite expect it to come :D
well, remembering that I had received his IQ test result, that showed he was only *above average* ... (I was a little bit disappointed), :Pahahhaha :P

That time, not only I felt happy and proud, but also there's something deep down inside me that thought : "I finally have something I know I'm good at, and really have the proof" "alhamdulillah" ^:)^"

So... I'm hoping new and good things will happen to us in this year, hopefully things that will lead us to another good things ;)

Hope that all of us will have a wonderful and wondrous year ahead

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