My Deepest Apology

Another friday come.

As usual, I feel so anxious. To go back home to my city and  to see Dafa, ahh, I 've been missing him quite a lot this week. Just hearing his voice on the phone or looking at his pics made me smile. :) but no, I'm not gonna bore you about Dafa.. (Not in this piece of writing anyway :D )

I just wanna tell that I finally come at peace with my mind and heart.
I had excepted my loss, and admitted my stupidity.  Excepted that I was being a fool, almost leaving a diamond to keep some cheap pebble.

I also felt devastated, learning that someone is still felt hurt and ache, because of my stupidity. I will be forever in debt to him because of this. I am truly sorry. I knew that I will never be able to change the past, or to extract those bad memories from his head, nor simply vanishing his heart-ache. 

It appeared to be,
My stupidity had engraved deep.
Not just grazing his heart,
But tear it apart

If I could, I would scream my forgiveness for the world to hear,
Or just hug him to overcome his fear
Or cut myself and present him my heart 
And let him know that we'll never be part

I'm so sorry, Eagle  :)

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