These two years

I've been thinking about my love-life for the past two yaers...
.. there are moments that made me smile, moments that made me cry.. and some of them that made me 'fly' and some of the moments.... wet my pants off (lol).

But to think it all over again, those moments were beautiful...
they all had given me experiences, new point of views.. and even new skills ;)
on top of that, they had taught me how to meet new people, made new friends... and encouraged me to 'move on'
and they also had given me the lessons in life.. something that you would not have learned at school, or by reading a book..

you know what, I wrote this post, because i just realized, that in two years that had passsed, I was being left (to marriages) by... 4 guys... and will be five this june ..

maybe you'll wonder why...
but let me tell you something...
i was left not because i was being unfaithful, but it was simply because i was afraid of 'commitment'
:) yes..
that was it... they wanted to get married soon enough, while me? I wasn't...

Most of 'those men' were people aged from 27 until 32... men that were "can't wait to be stranded in a leash called marriage"
While me? i just get off from one, why would I want to be stranded again? hahahhahahahha
Sorry, people ^:)^ I was jusst being sarcastic :P
it's still kinda hurt being left.. even though I was the one who chose to be left :P

hmm... that kinda remembers me... there was one time, I left a guy.. just because I didn't want him to be burdened by me and my 'extra package'
I didn't know why.. but I just thought that "I cared about him too much, and I don't want him to be burdened by my condition"

To thought about it again... I was being STUPID!!! I would never know how much he could struggle for me, wouldn't I?

Hmmm, I guess.. next time I feel comfortable with a guy.. I have to be sure how far he will go for me...

Do pray for me, that I will get the best for me? Please?

Thank you.. :*

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