My Cappuccino

On a heck of a busy day, my cell phone went dead.


Dead as in, you’ve tried to remove the cover, the batteries & restart, but won’t even start..

Dead as in, you banged it on the table, and stomp it with your foot, restarted it, but still it won’t start either.


(by that time, my stress level almost gone kapooiee, my contact numbers and important messages were stored there, and it’s now completely gone)

..My Cell phone had successfully went to cell phone-heaven.. :'(

So I think It’s time for me to buy a new one

I had been lusting after Sams*ng Galaxy Y.. for weeks, thinking that would be my dream-cell phone. Affordable, yet has everything I need inside it. I actually fell in love, seeing it’s e-book reader feature. Because e-book is basically my best friend while being alone in this town.

I browsed few stores at this tiny little town, and just found out that my dream-cell-phone’s price had just recently gone up. Exactly the day when I decided to buy it (doh).

I then re-evaluated my needs in cell phones. “Okay” I thought to my self. “Lets see what we need”. People around me were looking at me oddly. Apparently I did the thinking-for-myself thing by saying it out loud. :D and they were wondering if I were crazy, talking to myself. :D

After looking for a more secluded place, I began to reconsider the priorities. I then realized that I need a cell phone that can holds 2 numbers at the same time, for cheaper easier communication access.

I then decided to buy local cell-phones, “Cappuccino” : touch screen, wifi, and with super wide screen to spoil my eyes while reading e books. Plus, it’s a lot more cheaper than my dream-cell-phone. Yaaaaayyy!! I think I finally found my-best-suit-cell-phone.

At first it was hard to get used to touch screen. But then I got the hang of it and felt really comfortable with it. She had become my best friend ever since.

1.5 weeks later, I found out that my Cappuccino was broken, half of her screen was striped-white. L I went berserk after that. Poor thing, I then took her to cell-phone hospital a.k.a service center. I said goodbye to her, and wishing her to get well soon with lots of tears and pledging and moaning .. :D

I then had to borrow My Mom’s BB to replace her


I feel like a traitor. (because I had fun using the BBM feature :p)

And then I was realizing something. For me, A cell-phone is just like my companion in life, I bought it and then trust my secrets to it, getting money out of it, using its features, cherish me, hold it in my hand, always take it everywhere I go, and even “feed” it and even put best “clothe” to cover it and to make it prettier.

Same thing goes with your companion in life, a.k.a partner. You trust your secret to them by telling them, go with them everywhere you go, using “their features” (their love, care, helping hand, etc), let them hold your hand, and let them cherish me, etc etc.

I have learned my lesson there. Maybe if I forced myself to buy my galaxy-dream-cell-phone, it will be a lot more durable &; longer lasting. I know it’s more expensive but I don’t have to buy some more or in my case, hospitalized some more in the near future. So I was saving after all.

Back to the companion-in-life topic. Maybe I should find someone who’s not only fulfilling my needs, but also with better durability and endurance, I know He’ll cost me more, in terms of effort, time spent, and everything. But then he’ll be a longer lasting partner ;)

And how about my Cappucinno?

She’s still at the hospital… and she’s been three weeks there :’( .
aaahhh. I miss her.

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