Time heals

I just took Dafa to see his father last nite, was there any particular reason? well yeah..
Few weeks ago Dafa's step mother called, asking to take him to their house. But do you know what happened? suddenly he cried, and totally refused to go. I kept asking him to see his father, but he kept refusing. He didn't want to see his dad, let alone spending a night there.

He was was crying, desperate and almost hysterical (this was so unusual of him) he didn't want me to leave him, not even going to the bathroom. I was so shocked. he had never done that kinda thing in his life before. I concluded that he was traumatized.

So I want to see his dad to look for answers...
It turned out....

That I felt comfortable talking to him, and sharing about Dafa,
He was willing to support him, now that he's settled.
Grateful for that :)

Lets just pray that everything he said will come true :)

But the best thing was happening inside of me. When I saw him, I felt no more hatred. garteful for that, I was finally be able to forgive myself :)

Just like people always said: Time... heals ;)

Rabu, Maret 30, 2011 at 08.51 , 2 Comments | Links to this post