Friday, on the bus. As usual.

But this time I got a seat. *yaaaayy*

Since I had to visit my client, and able to came early and caught the bus to my hometown.

I have been trying to look back this past week. Trying to figure out things to spill over here.

There were soo many interesting things happened this week, but I found one thing quite interesting *and mind-blowing* errgh.

It was about the placement I made. She was about to join the new company, all process were successfully passed, and suddenly.. She decided to withdrew.

Damn. Double damn. Damn, damn,,,

The reason?

Because her current company just raised her income, and suddenly, her boss were acting sooooo nice and treat her like cinderella *rolleyes* what a temptation.


That made me think much. So very much.

When you decided something, it'll be like you decide to swim in a flooded river, upstream.

The stream will hit your face very hard as you tried to swim. Your strokes will be very heavy, your arms will be hurting like hell, and your legs will be screaming in pain, as you tried to paddle, fighting the stream that kept pushing you backwards. You even couldn't stand up straight, without getting yourself carried away by the dangerously hard stream. Even to stand up and breathe, you will find it so damn hard. The stream is just too hard. With nothing for you to hold on to. You can only hold on to one thing. Your will, and it's also getting thinner every seconds

So ridiculously hard.

The stream is just like temptations, they will force you to give out, to give up, to finally let yourself stop fighting. To let yourself surrender to the stream, get carried away, and to be a lot more further from your goal.

Every decision u made, has its own consequences..

And it depends on your will,

To fight for it, or just to be carried away by the over-flowing stream.

It's totally not easy to fight the stream, you will come undone, with lots of bruises, scars, pains, marks and everything.

But you will be proud of yourself. To be able to win the battle with the stream, and also the hardest battle: the battle with yourself, the battle to fight the temptation to give up

You CAN!


- Based on personal experience, paddling my As* fighting different streams :D There were always another stream waiting to be fought after finishing the last one.


- take a deep breath before you decide to dive and fight the stream

and just believe: There always be a light at the end of the tunnel.


Senin, Maret 05, 2012 at 11.01

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