The Open Book

People often say that eyes are the window of the soul.

Why? Maybe because we can easily tell lies with our lips + tongue, but the eyes.. They wouldn't be able to lie.

There'll be a spark in My eyes if I feel happy and content,

There'll be a flicker on them, should I feel doubt

There'll be a glint, that reflected the spirit and light from the opponent's eyes

They will be fluttering with worries and mysterious lies

And they will Shine like a lighthouse, looking at his eyes.

They will be empty with sorrow and sadness

And blazing hot with rage and madness

They will be steaming hot with passion,

And soften with compassion,

The eyes, the smile and their brilliant ray

An open book, people may say.


.. my eyes = my feelings

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Rabu, Maret 14, 2012 at 15.27

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