On The Air VS In Love

..My first flying-experience.

36 thousand feet above the air..

My heart lurched.


So that was how it felt to fly..

I was beyond words.

Those fluffy white clouds,

The sun that shone so brilliantly,

The bright blue sky,

And Seemingly-endless horizon

No limit

And No boundaries

Though sometime there were eerie feeling that accompanied the marvel.

Thinking that I was in that altitude, and thought about what happened if something gone wrong.

Hmm.. The only enemy while in the air were only gravity.

Gravity keeps u standing on the ground, but In the air, gravity will be very mean. He'll pull you down 10 meters per second, and will be crushing you to the ground.

So hard.


And No mercy.

It's just the same with falling in love..

At first you'll feel magnificent, happy, amazed, and fearless.

Heart lurching, butterflies in stomach, the gleam in the eyes, the endless smile pasted on your face, and not to mention the dopey + soaring feelings.

All because of falling in love.

But when something gone wrong, like unrequitted love and being played at.. It's like jumping without parachute, and let gravity pulls you down.

So hard.


And without mercy.

..And if you survived, you will have to collect pieces of you, and had to put its shatters one by one. piece by piece.

When you feel your stronger and ready to go again, suddenly one piece-just one small piece-decided to gave up, and all of the other pieces will shattered again.

Everytime you try to move on, there would always be pieces that gave up, and shattered everthing again. It'd happen On and on again.

Until when?

Maybe until you've found something that's strong enough to hold on to, something that plug in so deeply in the ground. Stands still in storm, wind, rain, and heat. But yet still be soft to hold. Something that will be there to help you up and always keeping you from missing one piece :)


..Taking a really deep breath while writing this.


Kamis, Maret 29, 2012 at 09.09

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