Passing by

Yesterday, I was waiting for the bus to take me home.I had known the schedule, knew where to wait for it, and also felt confident that I will get on the bus, and would be arriving at my city in two hours.

But then, something unpredictable happened. Rows of bus that were stopping in front of the bus stop, just blocked the view of my bus's driver. I had tried to wave my hand to stop it, but it wouldn't stop. *sigh

At first I have imagined that I will ride that particular bus, that will be passing my bus stop at that precise times, and I will be arriving at my hometown at exactly two hours afterwards.

I was so sure. Positive. Totally certain.

But then  the bus just passed.

Not because I was late, not because I stayed on the wrong bus stop, and not because I lost my sight and missed it. No.It was because there were other busses in front of me.The bus couldn’t stop in front of me because of it was being blocked, and it was forced to take the other lane. What I felt then? Disappointed, of course. I had woken up early, very very early just to catch that first bus. The fact that I was a little bit ill and had to drag myself out of the bed just made everything feel worse. The feeling of having to wait for another hour made it more worse. But the worst thing were, It killed all my dreams and hopes. But then I got to get a grip of myself. So instead of waiting for another bus to come,

I searched for it.

I went to the bus station to get another bus.

 I reached for my future, Instead of waiting for it to happen


Kamis, April 05, 2012 at 15.37

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